Our Philosophy

A tradtition-rich hotel in hamony with nature

Since 1893 our family-run and charming Hotel Alte Krone***s stands for active relaxation on 1.200 m above sea level. The picturesque village Mittelberg in the heart of the Kleinwalsertal amidst the Allgäu Alps offers the perfect scenery for this. It's a perfect nature idyll for those who seek relaxation and sport.

Everything started in 1808 with the public "Mohren Inn at Mittelberg" and an attached farm. In 1866 the owner also built the "Alte Krone" just a few metres away. During the First World War, when prices were tightly calculated, the farm was of great importance. When the number of visitor's increased significantly during the forties central heating, bath and running water were installed.

In the following years the Alte Krone was constantly renovated, modernised and extended in order to provide the hightest comfort to our guests. Only in 2012 the whole wellness area was renovated and modernised.

In our hotel our guests appreciate the familiar atmosphere, the hearty hospitality and the personal service and therefore always love to come back again! Friendly and informal, familiar and personal - with us you're making holidays among friends and you feel at home.

Genuine hospitality for over 200 years


Hosts Alte Krone

Proud of heritage and home country

The Alte Krone is closely linked to the history of Mittelberg! For over 200 years the hotel is family-owned and operated. Already then as post station and inn the Alte Krone was regarded as the "centre" of Mittelberg. Today our hotel is a lovely holiday destination for young and old. In our hotel tradition and modernity harmonically merge and provide pure relaxation for body, mind and soul!

Tradition as well as attachement and love to our home country are very important for us. Our hotel fits seamlessly into the region and reflects regional traditions. This runs like a golden thread through the whole hotel and is visible in numerous lovely and fussy details such as old wood trunks or colourful emblems. 

In our Hotel Alte Krone we live according to the tradition of the Walsertal! We are very lucky that so many employees keep faith with us and support us for many years now. Thanks to our and their commitment our Hotel Alte Krone is very successful. Due to the fact that our employees have been working in our hotel for many years, they are perfectly capable to cater for the wishes and preferances of our guests. Many of them are born in the region or have chosen the Walsertal as their home country.

Closeness to nature & regionality

Besides tradition we are also closely linked to our magnificent nature. From three sides mountains with a height of more than 2.000 m protect our valley Kleinwalsertal and neither transit traffic nor noise disturb this idyllic and intact jewel! Therefore our hotel philosphy is also based on the pillars sustainability, environmental awareness and regionality.

According to the concept of sustainibility we also focus on regionality at the Alte Krone. In our kitchen we use fresh seasonal and regional products in our cuisine. Deer and beef mainly come from the Kleinwalsertal: The deer is from the hunters of the Kleinwalsertal and meat, sausages, cheese and milk products, veal and beef are delivered by the club Walser Buura. Deer and beef partially also come from the border region Allgäu and the Lechtal. In this way we also support local farmers.

The high quality of our products - thanks to soil-protecting and species-appropriate animal husbandry - is also reflected by the award with the AMA Gütesiegel. With our Walser Gourmet Kitchen  with typical regional specialities from the "Ländle" we also serve a piece of our home country. Our water enchants as well: It's treated according to the method of Johann Grander so that it's very refreshening and pleasant. You can find a carafe with delightfully refreshing Grander Water on every room.

As fossil fuels are finite and destroy our nature, we have set ourself the goal to focus on renewable energies. The first steps have already been taken: We mainly use e.g. wood and local natural materials and we have renewed our insulation so that we live more energy-efficiently and save more current.

Max & Margit Kaufmann